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Data Table

Order No. Order by articlenumber Order by parameter Order by parameter A/F Order by parameter Material Order by parameter
P0307.100-100-SC M10x1,0 4,7 17 Steel SC
P0307.120-100-SC M12x1,0 5,7 19 Steel SC
P0307.120-150-SC M12x1,5 5,7 19 Steel SC
P0307.160-150-SC M16x1,5 7,42 24 Steel SC
P0307.200-150-SC M20x1,5 9,1 30 Steel SC
P0307.220-150-SC M22x1,5 9,1 32 Steel SC
P0307.270-150-SC M27x1,5 13,5 41 Steel SC
P0307.300-200-SC M30x2,0 13,9 46 Steel SC
P0307.300-200-SC M30x2,0 13,9 46 Steel SC
P0307.360-150-SC M36x1,5 18 55 Steel SC
P0307.360-300-SC M36x3,0 18 55 Steel SC

Technical & Application


Steel (class 4), self-colour.

Technical Notes

To DIN 439. Left hand threads.
Standard threads are coarse pitch.
Fine threads are indicated by an A & B suffix.

CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

P0307 Lock Nuts Left Hand Thread 50 kB pdf
Left Hand Thread Lock Nuts (not found) pdf
Lock Nuts (not found) pdf
Standard 8 MB pdf

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