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Data Table

Order No. Order by articlenumber Order by parameter Order by parameter A/F Order by parameter Material Order by parameter
P0308.030-A2 M 3 3 5,5 A2 s/s
P0308.040-A2 M 4 4 10 A2 s/s
P0308.050-A2 M 5 5 8 A2 s/s
P0308.060-A2 M 6 6 10 A2 s/s
P0308.080-A2 M 8 8 13 A2 s/s
P0308.100-A2 M10 10 17 A2 s/s
P0308.120-A2 M12 12 19 A2 s/s
P0308.160-A2 M16 16 24 A2 s/s
P0308.200-A2 M20 20 30 A2 s/s
P0308.220-A2 M22 22 32 A2 s/s
P0308.240-A2 M24 24 36 A2 s/s

Technical & Application


Stainless steel (A2).

Technical Notes

To DIN 980 V.
Reusable, resistant to shocks, vibrations and dynamic loads.
The locking function is achieved by the deformation of part of the nut. The nut will run smoothly until it reaches the deformed part at which point the clamping force will increase.

CAD & Data Sheets

Product Datasheets

P0308 Stover Nuts 46 kB pdf
Self Locking Lock Nuts (not found) pdf
Lock Nuts (not found) pdf
Standard 8 MB pdf

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